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Teaching Philosophy 

Music has taken me around the world, introduced me to some of my greatest friends and instilled invaluable life skills such as dedication, patience and perseverance. The ability to create has helped me through challenging times and was greatly nurtured through piano lessons. I have studied piano from the age of 8 years and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy from Wartburg College where I studied piano as my primary instrument.

I approach lessons from a student-centered view and always strive to be supportive, understanding and genuine. It is my goal to cultivate a love of learning in students and provide a comprehensive musical foundation that includes note reading, theory, artistry and technique and will enable students to become independent learners. The particular needs and learning styles of each student are considered when designing a curriculum.  Lessons are kept fun and engaging through the incorporation of supplemental games to reinforce musical concepts with young students and opportunities to explore composition, improvisation, and student-preferred repertoire.

For more information on some of the methods used and neurological benefits of music, visit the links below.



TED Ed: How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain 

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